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Fox Show Home Free
Our sister company Progressive Lighting proudly provided the lighting for the hit Fox show Home Free in summer 2015. This innovative show, featuring host Mike Holmes, had teams of couples working together to remodel homes around the Atlanta area. These couples were led to believe that these houses were for a deserving family and that only one team would win a dream home for themselves. However, each week a couple was sent home from the the house they just helped to remodel! In the end, every team won a home. (It got pretty emotional at times!) You can check out the full episodes any time on Fox Now.

You can also see lots of pictures from each episode, with more info on the fixtures used, on our Facebook and Pinterest.
Property Brothers
Progressive Lighting provided the lighting for the 2014 season (sometimes called Season 4 or Season 6) of the popular HGTV show Property Brothers. This show features a couple looking to buy a fixer-upper home, shepherded along the way by identical twins Drew and Jonathan Scott. Drew handles the real estate while Jonathan takes care of renovations. The 2014 season was filmed in Atlanta and two separate episodes show Jonathan taking the couple on a trip to our Atlanta showroom so they can pick out lights! Episodes frequently rerun on HGTV-just look for a 2014 airdate.

You can see lots of pictures from Property Brothers, along with information about the lights used in each home, on our Pinterest.
Modern Luxury Interiors Texas Magazine
Lee Lighting advertises in Modern Luxury Interiors Texas magazine. Pick up the magazine on newsstands or read it on their site.
Urban Home Magazine
We were showcased in Urban Home Magazine Charlotte's October/November 2015 issue as a great place to buy stylish bathroom lighting.
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